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Most of us know the feeling when it happens.  That sense of discovering something new.  Something special.  For me, music is that something, and it is the one constant that can turn a horrible day into a better one.  It’s hard to recapture the sense of hearing a song for the first time, and while some become favorites, nothing is more perfect than that initial encounter.  There is so much potential in those first moments with a song, because it holds the promise of becoming a significant part of your life.

Ask me what I can’t live without, and every time I will respond with music.  It will always be music.  Music can make you forget.  It can make you remember.  And most of all it can make you feel.  It can take you back to that exact moment of endless dancing with your best friend or it can heal you as you try to separate from the darkness you want to escape.  It always amazes me how music can shape how we interact with the world.

Perhaps some of my favorite lines come from Alexz Johnson’s song Live Like Music.  While the song itself sounds simple, the words capture how music makes you want to live.  Music covers a range of topics and addresses endless themes, and behind every lyric and melody there is a story that someone is trying to tell.  The chorus goes: I wanna live like music / I wanna live like music / Songs about justice / Songs about love / Songs about freedom / And never giving up / I wanna live like music.   Essentially she is telling the story of music.  The story of how it opens our eyes and our hearts, allowing us to live.  Music is for everyone.  It invites us to free ourselves from whatever might be holding us back or it might remind us to just breathe and be thankful.  Somewhere in our brains, I think we are all programmed to appreciate how it can transform and make life better.