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Earlier today I stumbled upon the following quote: “Books last longer than candy and they’re cheaper than flowers.”  Ever since I was a little girl, books have always been a part of my life.  When I pick up a book for the first time, I introduce myself, not only to the characters and their unfolding story, but to the feel and the smell of the pages.  Every book is different, each has it quirks and special significance, and nothing is more perfect than flipping through those first pages.

The anticipation of reading a new book is just as thrilling as dusting off an old favorite.  While chocolate is nice and flowers are beautiful, a good book with a cup of hot tea or a glass of wine – if I’m feeling cheeky – are more perfect than any gift I could receive.  Whether I’ve read the book before or not, candy and flowers can not let us escape into a new place, they cannot keep us enthralled, nor can they connect us to something bigger than ourselves.

Language is universal.  We strive for communication with others and we need connection – so why not build upon this desire of connection with a book?  Why not care what happens to the individuals we read about?  Oftentimes I discover more about who I am through characters, than I do on a regular day.  In this process I am connecting, I am growing as the characters grow, and this growth endures even when their story ends, and this simple fact makes books better than candy and flowers.  Books stick with us, they open our eyes to themes in life that we may have forgotten or maybe they  let us drift into the realm of fantasy.  Regardless of what some may think, books are gift, they are important, and they are necessary.  So switch it up, try something new, and say what you want with a book.