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“Most of our life is a series of images. They pass us by like towns on the highway. But sometimes, a moment stuns us as it happens. And we know that this instant is more than a fleeting image. We know that this moment… every part of it… will live on forever.” — Lucas from One Tree Hill

I have recently been re-watching old episodes of One Tree Hill, and I forgot how much this show is a testament to life.  It captures the simplicity and the beauty of the everyday, of the seemingly mundane pieces of life that most take for granted.  I think what really kept me interested over the course of its nine seasons was its ability to take life, take the ordinary, and comment on how our relationships with each other reflect how we live and act in our own lives.

Oftentimes, it is in these everyday moments that an extraordinary one emerges.  Take the life of the average person.  That person has a family.  They have friends.  They interact with the world and move through it with an almost eerie sense of regularity.  But then it happens.  That stunning moment when the regular is turned on its head, when everything we are familiar with is challenged.  And it always happens in the most unlikely of places, with the most unlikely of people, in the most unlikely of times.  But then, when is life ever truly regular?  No matter how hard we try to anticipate the slightest change, there is no lesson that teaches us to prepare for the stunning moments.  And this is what the characters of One Tree Hill taught me.  They taught me not to question the why’s and the how’s, because when we get lost in these questions, the moments slip by, and we miss out on something that could have changed our lives forever.  Because you see, that’s the key, the most important part of the puzzle.  We have to remember to hold on.