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“Who lives sees, but who travels sees more”

What does it mean to leave it all behind?  To make the decision to just go somewhere, and be a part of something different?  I have always thought that life must be one of travel.  Traveling expands our knowledge, it takes us a step further than the books and pictures we see of places.  It transports us into an environment where we can really know what these distant places are like, and it challenges us, not only physically, but mentally as we may have to shift how we see the world.  I like to think that where we choose to go, reflects our individual passions, as our destinations tend to coincide with what we may be lacking at home or they are an extension of the life we already lead.  Those initial seconds of being in a new place, as our eyes adjust to the sights, as our ears take in the new sounds, and as our feet move unknowingly, yet steadily forward, are my favorite moments of traveling. Regardless of why one finds themself on a plane or train to a distant place, the decision to travel leaves the door of experience wide open, and no matter how much of it we plan out, surprises always manage to find their way into any journey.  But don’t worry, it’s usually in those surprise moments that the best memories are created.  So travel.  Experience the world, and immerse yourself in the excitement of the unknown.  You’ll like it, I promise.