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Perhaps some of the best moments in life come in the simplest of forms.  Summertime fosters memories that can leave us feeling happy for days.  It ignites a certain feeling that cannot be recreated by the other seasons.  Maybe it is the fact that all of my friends are in town or maybe it’s relaxing by the pool in my new neon swimsuit.  Or maybe it’s driving with the windows down listening to country music with my sister…  

Sometimes driving is the most freeing experience.  There are rules, however, when Hailly and I drive in the summer: windows always have to be rolled down – I think we both love the feeling of the wind blowing our hair into a chaotic, yet perfect arrangement – the music always has to be turned up, and our voices always have to be ready to sing along to whatever song is playing.  For some reason we just enjoy the drive.  We enjoy these moments of separation from our summer jobs, from whatever happens to be bothering us.  It is in these simple, everyday moments that make me crave the arrival of summer.