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Today, I did the simplest of things: I stopped to smell the roses.  How many times have we heard that phrase, telling us to slow down, to enjoy the little things in life?  My guess is quite a few, and my guess is that very few of us have actually lived out this little cliché.  I think what makes this concept so special, is that it asks us to examine and take note of everything that we let slip by us in the midst of our busy lives.  We are so programmed to go – go – go, and a small proportion of us, myself included, forget that there is pleasure in taking a walk, reading a good book, or exploring parts of your city that you never knew existed.  You’d be surprised how healing such a simple action is, and how much you learn about yourself along the way.  Stopping to smell the roses isn’t lazy.  In fact, it’s far from it.  I think it’s a part of life that we all should learn to incorporate into our routine more often.  So, step away from whatever you’re doing.  It can wait, and trust me, it will be there when you return.