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Do you ever have that urge to just get away?  Just dropping what you’re doing and leaving?


A break from what seems to trap us in the routine that many fall into.  How lovely would it be to break the cycle?  To say, “that’s it.  I’m disrupting the mundane.”  

Perhaps, it would be the most healthy thing we could do.  Change is necessary.  We’re not made to go through the same tedious motions.  We need to experience, to hear new sounds, feel new things.  

New sensations.

I don’t mean forever.  Just for a few weeks.  I think challenging ourselves and adventure are what make us better, and whether we step into a new environment or re-explore one that we have forgotten, accepting this need for change signals a transition.

But the key is having the courage to see that we all need a little separation, a little break from the cycle.