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Seriously, please don’t ask, because I don’t know.  The dreaded question, and probably the number one question we all hear at one point in our young lives.  I mean I have an idea, we all do, but the real question is whether or not my wants will come to fruition.  So what is it you ask?  I’ll tell you if I must… “So what do you want to do with your life?”  God I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that question, and if I cared at all to answer I might know the number.


Ask me the question, and you’ll get a look of disgust. A look that says, are you kidding me? Do you know that you are the five-hundredth person to ask me that?  To you who brave asking me, I say “living,” because honestly that’s what I’m doing.  I’m living, taking it one day at a time.  If I spent every waking moment thinking about what I wanted to do with my life, I’d be stuck in a cycle of disappointment.  I’m sure we’ve all wanted something so badly in our lives it hurt – something that we tell ourselves we would do anything to get.  But how many of us actually take that desire a step further?  How many of us take the necessary steps to escape this question?  My guess is very few.


So right now I’m living.  That’s really the best we can do.  I’m not saying that I don’t look to change where I’m at.  Goals are healthy; I think they push us along in life.  They challenge us, they ignite a spark.  But when you are consistently asked these types of questions, you honestly just want to walk the other way.  I swear, I should have a shirt that reads: No, I’ll let you know when I do, thanks for asking.

For now, I’ll keep taking it day by day.  I’ll keep waking up every morning, happy that I am able to share my life with those I love.  Until the day comes that I know what I’m doing is what I’m meant to do, I’ll just be thankful for what I have now.  I’ll keep exploring until I stumble on my perfect life, but please until this day of greatness comes, don’t ask me what I’m doing, because I don’t know.